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Guangzhou zhuoyue modular house Co.,Ltd is specialized in the production of prefabricated house has many years of experience in factory. So far involved since the temporary industry, relying on the market with the demand of real time for the building, with its own advantages and rich experience, the rapid rise inreal industry with temporary, has developed into a comprehensive enterprise in production, sales, design, installation, after sale service in one of the. Guangzhou zhuoyue modular house Co.,Ltd the main products are steelcombined house series, magnesium phosphorus combined house series andboard room ancillary workers with iron bed, and all kinds of special activities of the lease contract housing, disassembly, recombination, warehousing operations,while supporting the production and operation of phosphorus magnesium plate,color steel sandwich panel, color tile, single layer PU foam tiles tile, big, iron andC steel of various light building materials. Guangzhou zhuoyue modular house Co.,Ltd the company products are widely used in construction, railway, highway, water conservancy, factories and enterprises, oil, tourism and military an...



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